Focus Your Fundraising on Donors Interested in Causes Like Yours

Replace the time spent on blind solicitations with time spent with donors willing to support missions like yours.

Knitt Features for Nonprofits

What Nonprofits Say

“Cold calling, mailings, and print ads are costly, and we are not seeing a positive return on our investment.”

How Knitt Answers

Find : Knitt provides a warm leads list of donors near you that have already expressed interest in similar causes.

What Nonprofits Say

“Why do some donors not give to our cause? Are they not interested? Do we need to change our messaging?”

How Knitt Answers

Grow : Knitt provides you with the donor feedback necessary to help you modify or adapt your outreach strategy to expand your connected relationships.

What Nonprofits Say

“We exhaust our current partnerships with continued asks while we should be reaching out to additional donors that support causes like ours.”

How Knitt Answers

Discover : Find gaps in your connected relationships to tailor future fundraising initiatives to the right audience.

How Nonprofits Build Partnerships with Knitt

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Donor Matching

Gain visibility to donors that align with your mission statement. Knitt markets your company’s profile to suitable donors.

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Rejection Feedback

Quickly view trends and/or direct statements as to why certain donors decline partnership with you.

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Relationship Control

Knitt monitors your connected relationships to allow for targeted future fundraising efforts.

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Fundraising Tracking

Understand what each donor has committed to your cause, the status of each transaction, and the details necessary for follow-up efforts.

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Goal Measurements

Measure the progress of your annual goals to the current received gifts. Knitt automatically monitors this progress in one central location.

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Analytics Dashboard

Knitt centralizes all information tied to your organization for effortless review of your goals, connections, and fundraising efforts.

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