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Corporate donors work with partial information. They lack a full view of who they’ve given to, and how much. It's hard for them to find new charities they want to support; more often, it's charities finding them. As a result, giving is reactive–yet it should be planned and purposeful.

For donors, Knitt enables giving to be much more efficient and productive for everyone involved.


Search with peace of mind.

Nonprofits that are on Knitt are fully verified 501 organizations with easy-to-read profiles that help you identify the causes you care about.

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Give smarter and with a purpose.

Save time and gain control of your giving by tracking your donor activity through Knitt while being more strategic with your givings.


Complete history of giving, all in one place.

View and analyze your annual giving and monitor your donation goals as well as your year-over-year donations with the Knitt dashboard.

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Donor Benefits

Gain Control of Your Giving.

Nonprofit Matching

Gain visibility to nonprofits that align with your company’s giving goals


Donation Tracking

Track your year-to-date donations in one centrally-stored location

Giving Dashboard

View and analyze your giving, as well as your year-over-year donations

Relationship Control

Research and connect with nonprofits that support what you care about

Record Keeping

Printable Receipts

Store receipts and access all your records for end-of-year tax purposes

End-to-End Tracking

Relationship Analytics

Monitor connected relationships for a strategic review of future giving

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Frequently asked questions.

Knitt does not allow for online donations. It is a membership-based platform, connecting nonprofits to donors that share common traits. It greatly reduces the time spent on both sides trying to find relationships. It does track the donations throughout the life of the partnerships.

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We believe in building a stronger community through relationship discovery and charity.

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