Discovering, Nurturing and Building Stronger Relationships

Lisa Munter

Lisa Munter is the founder of Knitt; an organization that creates partnerships between businesses with nonprofits seeking funding for their charitable causes in the communities they serve. Knitt accomplishes this by empowering the discovering, nurturing, and building of relationships between nonprofits and businesses based on common values, beliefs, and an overarching mission to give back.

As an active Saratogian for more than 20 years, Lisa has established relationships with various businesses, giving her valued insight of their annual goals and missions around their giving programs. During this time, she began working alongside numerous nonprofit organizations. She experienced firsthand the difficulties and challenges facing nonprofits as they seek out new donors and balance this with the reality of limited resources. Lisa’s passion and knowledge quickly transformed to results – raising awareness for non-profits causes, making valued connections with business owners and community members, all with the optimism of making a direct impact on the community.

A natural when it comes to helping others, Lisa received her BA in Elementary Education and Psychology at Potsdam, her double Master’s in Special Education and Reading from Saint Rose. She was a Special Education middle school teacher at Scotia/Glenville before starting her family. Lisa lives in Middle Grove, NY with her husband, Mike, their two sons, Tyler and Jacob, their 7 goats, and 2 pigs. Lisa currently serves as Board President for The Dake Foundation for Children, and you will often find her volunteering her time to various local non-profits.